Abbott Elementary Show creator Quinta Bronson visits Jimmy Kimmel and collects apology: NPR

Quinta Bronson checks on Jimmy Kimmel as he lies on stage at the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards on Monday, September 12, 2022 in Los Angeles.

Mark Terrell / Mark Terrell / Invision / AP

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Mark Terrell / Mark Terrell / Invision / AP

Quinta Bronson checks on Jimmy Kimmel as he lies on stage at the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards on Monday, September 12, 2022 in Los Angeles.

Mark Terrell / Mark Terrell / Invision / AP

Los Angeles – Abbott Elementary Creative star Quinta Bronson retaliated for Jimmy Kimmel’s Emmy prank with one of them, then collected an apology from a late-night host that was partly criticized as rude and worse.

Kimmel, who distracted from Bronson’s Emmy Award acceptance speech by lying drunk on stage, was delivering his monologue on Wednesday when Bronson’s pretty pink-hued appeared.

“I have a little favor to ask,” she said. “So you know how when you win an Emmy, you only have 45 seconds to give your acceptance speech, which isn’t such a long time. And then… you get less time because someone is doing a stupid comedy that lasts a little too long?”

“I’ve heard of this happening in the past years,” Kimmel replied.

“Well, I was wondering, or not, more urgently if I could have two extra minutes to think, you know, some extra people,” Bronson said. Kimmel returned to relinquish the spotlight to his guest, and later on the show told Bronson that he was sorry for what he did on Amy on Monday.

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Brunson’s and Kimmel’s shows co-brand on ABC.

Bronson won an Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series and found herself sharing the stage with Kimmel — who lay flat on his back, dragged by fellow presenter Will Arnett because the late-night host supposedly had too many “skinny margaritas.” Kimmel Bronson gave a thumbs up to her award but didn’t budge, a decision that has been criticized by some online as reckless and cited by others as an example of white male arrogance.

Abbott Elementaryabout an underfunded Philadelphia school, won a total of three Emmys for its new season, including co-star Sheryl Lee Ralph for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy.

On Kimmel’s show, Bronson received a standing ovation from the studio audience when she thanked “all the fans of the show,” then joined the host for a chat.

He started with one line – “Congratulations on Amy. I missed it, how did it go?” – Then he turned to my apologies, starting with an embarrassingly qualified wrong start.

“It was that stupid comedic part we thought was going to be funny,” he said. “Then people got upset, they said I stole your moment. And I probably did. I’m so sorry if I did. I did, actually. … The last thing I want to do is upset you, because I think so many of you. I think you know that.” I hope you know that.”

“It’s very nice of you to say that,” Bronson replied sweetly, avoiding direct criticism of Kimmel. She said she “closed the moment” after winning her first Emmy with Arnette and Kimmel on stage with her.

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“Honestly, I had a great night,” she said. “It was a good night and a good time.”

Kimmel, who called it all Arnett’s fault, praised Brunson’s streak and noted that he’s never won an Emmy despite frequent trips to awards.

She said, digging with a smile: “I went once and won.”

Kimmel offered one last apology, adding, “I was stupid, and I have news: it will happen again.”

Earlier Wednesday, Bronson and her castmates answered questions from TV critics during a virtual panel discussion, where Ralph expressed her displeasure with Kimmel’s Emmy act. “I was like, ‘Oh, disrespectful, Jimmy,'” Ralph recalls.

She was sarcastically described as “beautiful that he was lying on the floor during her wonderful acceptance speech”. I told him, too, to his face, and he understood, Ralph said.

When Bronson was asked what she expected during her appearance with Kimmel, she said that she “expected we’d have a good old-fashioned time” and that she was intent on highlighting the return of season two of Abbott Elementary On September 21.

Bronson said she and Kimmel did speak but did not break up their private conversation. Backstage at the Emmys on Monday, Bronson said the thing didn’t bother her “too much.” She noticed that Kimmel was supportive of her and Abbott Elementary. The smiling Bronson added that if she decided she was mad at him, she might “throw him in the face” while appearing on his show.

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