Aaron Rodgers: Packers make a lot of mistakes, these guys shouldn’t be playing

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Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers He says his teammates make a lot of mistakes, and those who keep failing should be tried.

That harsh assessment came in Rodgers’ weekly appearance with Pat McAfee, with Rodgers saying the Packers’ problems run deeper than just an occasional play going wrong.

“It’s definitely not just one play here or there,” Rodgers said. “It’s 20 percent of the time. If we have 50 plays and we have 10 missed tasks or mental errors, that’s 20 percent of the time. So that’s way way too high. In the past we’d look more like, less than 10 percent, and that gives us a good chance.” Really to be successful. 20 percent, that’s way too high. This is a play from a series that makes it really hard on yourself. So we have to fix that. I think guys who make a lot of mistakes shouldn’t play. You should start cutting some actors. And maybe Players who don’t play, give them a chance.”

Rodgers hasn’t named any of his teammates who shouldn’t be playing, but it’s possible the players he’s referring to know who they are. It’s also possible that some of his teammates have noticed that Rodgers himself made his share of mistakes during the Packers’ disappointing season.

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