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A Starbucks employee spreads quickly after passing a secret note to a young woman


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a Starbucks employee in Texas The virus spread after an employee secretly passed a note to a patroness to make sure she didn’t feel threatened by an older man talking to her, according to a report.

Brandi Roberson, the woman’s mother, said in a Facebook post that the 18-year-old was sitting alone at a Starbucks in Corpus Christi over the weekend when a man actively and strangely approached her. WKYC reports that employees have become concerned about her safety.

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“She was sitting at her table alone studying and this guy came over and noticed what she was studying and wanted to talk to her about it,” the mom told WKYC. “I think he got kind of boisterous and excited about it,” Roberson said.

Then, the 18-year-old’s employee passed “extra hot chocolate someone forgot to pick up” with a note that instructed her on how to secretly notify employees, if she feels threatened, the mom’s post He said. After the post received over 89,000 reactions, Roberson made her account private.

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“Are you okay? You want us to step in? If you do, take the lid off the mug,” the note read.

The mother added that her daughter did not feel threatened and eventually did not remove the cover, although she appreciated this delicate gesture.


Staff continued to monitor the situation and both the teen and her mother thanked the WKYC crew mentioned.

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