A new leak may have revealed the next two Nothing phones

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  • A leaker discovered codenames for two phones coming out of nowhere.
  • The PacMan Pro codename refers to the Nothing Phone 2a variant.
  • There's also a phone codenamed Tetris, which we think is the Nothing Phone 3.

The Nothing Phone 2a was launched recently, which is a budget offering compared to the upper mid-range phones Phone 1 and Phone 2. Now, a leaker may have revealed the next two Nothing phones.

Leak investigator and icon Dylan Russell open Codenames for two Nothing on X phones, PacMan Pro and Tetris. Check the screenshot below.

X post by Dylan Roussel reveals two codenames for upcoming Nothing phones.

So what could these phones be? Well, the Nothing Phone 2a allegedly has two codenames: Aerodactyl and PacMan. So the PacMan Pro moniker suggests the Nothing Phone 2a variant. The company recently confirmed that it is working on… Community version For the Nothing Phone 2a, so the PacMan Pro could be that device.

We believe the device codenamed Tetris is the Nothing Phone 3, as the company has not launched a flagship Nothing Phone line in 2024 yet. For what it's worth, the Nothing Phone 2 is codenamed Alakazam and Pong.

We probably still have a long time to wait until the Nothing Phone 3 launches, as the Nothing Phone 2 is set to launch in July 2023.

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