A Japanese man spends $15,700 on a dog costume to fulfill his lifelong dream of turning into an animal

To fulfill his life’s dream of turning into an animal, a Japanese man spent 2 million yen (about $15709) on a realistic Border Collie costume.

For his costume, the man, Toko, commissioned a Japanese company called Zeppet, which specializes in sculptures and models for films, commercials, and entertainment facilities as well as television costumes and mascots. It reportedly took 40 days to make the costume. Toko has also gone through multiple rounds of revisions, including costume meetings and fittings.

at meeting with MinaviToko explained that he chose the Border Collie costume because long hair can “mislead the human figure.”

“My collie made it because it looks real when I wear it. My favorite is the quadrupeds, especially the cute ones. Among them, I thought a large animal close to me would be fine, considering it would be a realistic model, so I decided to make it a dog,” Toko She said. “I’ve met such a case and made the Collie, my favorite dog breed.”

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One of Zeppet’s employees said making the costume was difficult because it required a significant amount of time to study how a dog’s shape might correspond to a human.

“The point is that a dog’s skeleton can be reproduced on a human skeleton. Since the skeleton’s skeleton is so different, we spent a lot of time studying how to make it look like a ‘dog,'” the employee told Minavi. By collecting photographs taken from different angles so that the beautiful coat of the Collie can be reproduced and designed so that the coat flows naturally.”

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Toko Post a video To his YouTube channel on April 12 where he tries on his Border Collie costume and transforms into a dog, making dog-like movements. He can be seen waving his “paw” in the air and flopting to his side as a real dog would.

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Dog lovers too Post multiple photos to his Twitter page @toco_eevee, where he said he was “able to fulfill my dream of becoming an animal!”

The tweet has received more than 18,000 retweets and 55,000 likes since it was uploaded on April 11.

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Featured Image via 動物 に な り た い

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