A Glimpse of Russia and Ukraine: What We Know on Day 203 of the Invasion | Russia

  • Ukraine has set its sights on liberating all the territories captured by the invading Russian forces after returning them in a swift counterattack in the northeast. In an evening speech, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said about 8,000 square kilometers (3,100 square miles) had been liberated so far, all apparently in the northeastern Kharkiv region. “Stabilization measures” have been completed in about half of that area, Zelensky said, “and across a liberated area of ​​roughly the same size, stabilization measures are still underway.”

  • Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine Hanna Maliar said that 150,000 people have been liberated from Russian rule in the Balaklya region. An important military supply center captured by Ukrainian forces late last week.

  • The White House said the United States is likely to announce a new military aid package to Ukraine in the “coming days.”. A US spokesman said Russian forces had left defensive positions, particularly in and around Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city.

  • As Ukraine celebrates the massive gains made by its military in its dramatic counterattack, officials remain committed to the challenges ahead. in newly reconquered territories. Lesia VasylenkoThe member of the Verkhovna Rada spoke of the discovery of decapitated corpses of the Ukrainian army, human excrement everywhere, widespread looting and terrorizing teenagers who are still too afraid to leave their cellars. “The liberation reveals many crimes,” Vasylenko said, pointing to mass graves of civilians and evidence of torture. Discovered in the town of Bucha When the Ukrainian forces recaptured the Kyiv region. “But whatever the scale, there will be courts, revenge and justice.”

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  • Ukrainian officials said there was a torture chamber set up by the Russian military in the now liberated Balaklia. Serhiy Polvinov, Head of the Investigation Department of the National Police of the Kharkiv Region, He said That 40 people were arrested during the occupation.

  • The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has warned that the Russian forces continue to loot upon their withdrawal from the occupied territories. Along a highway bound for Russian territory, Ukrainian officials spotted civilian vehicles with license plates from the Kharkiv region, driven by the Russian military and saddled with their looted property. In the south, Russian commuters were reported breaking down the gates of private garages, taking cars and removing furniture.

  • Russian forces continued to bombard a number of civilian and civilian infrastructure facilities across eastern and southern parts of Ukraine on Tuesday.In the words of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. With air attacks, missile strikes and high-mobility artillery missile systems, Russian forces attacked settlements in the Luhansk Territory and Donetsk Oblast in the east, and the Dnipropetrovsk, Mykolaiv and Cherkasy territories in the south.

  • Russia has secretly spent more than $300 million since 2014 trying to influence politicians and other officials in more than two dozen countries, according to declassified cables from the United States. Anthony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, said he was concerned that Russia would try to “move fate” in The conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia In order to distract attention from Ukraine. He added that Russia could also use its influence in the region to help “calm the atmosphere.”

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