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A $700 million luxury yacht linked to Vladimir Putin has been seized by Italy


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On Friday, Italian authorities announced that Italy had seized a luxury yacht worth 700 million dollars linked to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The government order came to seize the luxurious six-story Scheherazade as it appeared ready to set sail from the port of Marina di Carrara, according to recent berth activity.

ship owner – who is proud Law enforcement sources said two helipads, 22 cabins, a full spa and an indoor pool could be used as a dance floor – believed to be Eduard Khodinatov, the former head of Russia’s energy giant Rosneft.

Khdinatov is not currently a target of EU war sanctions, but Rome seized the ship anyway while pleading with Brussels to add it to the EU embargo.

Officials did not name Khdianatov in a statement, saying only the owner of the yacht is linked to “prominent elements of the Russian government.”

US officials He told the New York Times, The “prominent element” is Putin.

The former CEO of Energy of Russia, Eduard Khodinatov, was reportedly the owner of Scheherazade’s $700 million luxury yacht.
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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urged Italian lawmakers to confiscate the pleasure ship in March as part of efforts across the continent to pressure Putin and his supporters to end their business. An unjustified war in his.

Italy confiscated nearly $1 billion worth of yachts and villas owned by Ross after Zelensky’s speech.

Thursday, Fiji government seized A huge yacht worth $325 million is owned by a Russian oligarch at the behest of the United States.

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Several countries have targeted the Kremlin’s assets while Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to wage war on Ukraine.
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Three days ago, it was US seized $90 million ship Linked to Putin’s partner in Spain.

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