If you are up for taking part in the trade-in offer, provided by the South Korean Multinational Samsung to the victims of Note 7, then wait! The trade-in offer of Samsung for giving the Note 7 buyers a huge discount of up to $425 on purchase of its recently launched Galaxy Note 8 from Samsung.com has come with some crucial thorns and buyer, before raising their hands for buying Note 8 with high discount, need to have a detailed info about these catches. Here are seven most crucial points to know before making investments on the Note 7 deal for buying Note 8:

Samsung’s offer to give Note 7 victims a concession of up to $425 is only applicable on purchase of the Note 8 from Samsung’s official e-con site – Samsung.com. Buyers need to deal directly with Samsung for taking part in the trade-in value as no local carrier or retailers have the license to provide you Samsung’s value-for-money deal.

This offer is only valid for owners of Note 7, who was recalled for a defective battery. The deal is also valid for customers from the United States only. The deal will remain ‘on’ until 30th September, and buyers from the U.S. need to claim their demand on Samsung’s website before this deadline.

For cracking this deal, consumers need to submit some necessary documents before Samsung including Original register receipt of Note 7, Credit card bill, Carrier bill, and the Contract or lease agreement made by the user with Samsung. Without these statements and documents, your application for offer price for Note 8 will not be acceptable.

As confirmed by Samsung in its recent official statement, the Note 7 owners who partake in the trade-in of Note 8 are also entitled to getting the Note 8 pre order gift that Samsung is providing to anyone who purchases the phone. As a pre-order gift, Samsung is offering a wireless charger, a 256GB micro SD card and Gear 360 camera, and like other buyers, victims of Note 7 also can choose for any of these gifts from Samsung on the purchase of Note 8.

If you are expecting to get a full discount of $425 on the purchase of note 8; then you are mistaken. $425 is the maximum value a buyer can get in the trade-in offer for the phone you have been using as a substitute to the Galaxy Note 7, and no users can get the entire discount. The discount amount will depend on the value of the phone you are using.

The phone, you need to trade during Samsung’s trade-in offer need to pass some criteria, set by the firm. According to Samsung, the trade-in phone needs to be in right conditions including a good condition of the power and charging feature, has a functioning display and has zero fractures or cracks on screen or any other parts of the phone. It needs to have no cracks or other visible imperfections that overdo normal deterioration. The phone needn’t be categorized as stolen, has a reactivation Lock system, Google Factory Reset Protection, or any other kind of anti-theft locking software hindered. Moreover, it is also mandatory to have undergone through a complete factory reset; and phones entitling all these criteria will be capable of taking part in the trade-in offer of Samsung.

Buyers will get a 15 days countdown for sending Samsung back the phones they have been using as a substitute to the Note 7. Once Samsung sends you the delivery label and directives, the 15-day countdown will be activated, and you need to make sure that Samsung has received your phone within that deadline. Otherwise, you may lose the deal.