3 zodiac signs with approximate horoscopes for January 26, 2024

This day, January 26, 2024, shows us that we are all truly different in our ways, even though we share universal truths. Not everyone is willing to sign up for traditional. While today's transit, the Moon square Uranus, highlights the rebellious and the strange, it does not necessarily make things easier for those of us who would rebel or insist on doing things differently.

During a Uranus moon square, three astrological signs may express a need for freedom, in the way of seeking out nature or wandering alone in the wilderness… just to get away from it all. Settling down is not on the list of things to do on this day, January 26, 2024. We may find that we are emotionally unstable, even disturbed. We can be easily offended, turn away, sulk, and think.

We may also see that we are too attached to something or someone and that this attachment makes us vulnerable, which will be especially unpleasant for us during the Uranus Moon square. We don't want to be vulnerable. We just want to be away from it all. What makes this day tough is the idea that we are avoiding routine when we know that routine actually works for us.

The three zodiac signs with approximate zodiac signs for January 27, 2024:

1. Gemini

(May 21 – June 20)

Something happens to you today, and you may be surprised at how poorly you handle it. After a few thoughts, you will realize that your reaction to what this person said or did towards you was nothing less than a psychological reaction. You didn't have to take it that far, and you really showed that you have zero tolerance for people daring to talk to you about things you don't necessarily want to talk about. On January 26, 2024, during the transit of the Moon square Uranus, it will be difficult to approach you individually.

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You don't like yourself on this day, but that will only cause you to retreat into your own world, where many friends will try to pull you out of the chaos you are in. You will also reject it so that you can sit down and think about what happened earlier and why you reacted so strongly. You knew you were wrong, however, you were definitely not going to go back on your words.

The real problem with how Moon Square Uranus affects you is that it makes you believe that you are right to stand your ground and perhaps even ghost this offender for life. You exclude family and friends on this day. You don't want anyone, and if anyone dares to help you on January 25, 2024, you will avoid them, perhaps for the rest of your life. You are definitely “over the top” during the Uranus Moon square.

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2. Capricorn

(December 22 – January 19)

All it takes is a strong gust of wind to blow down your carefully constructed cardboard house, and on January 26, 2025, you'll be waiting out the storm, knowing what's coming. So, as with the Law of Attraction, you will expend so much energy waiting for disasters to strike that you will create a suitable path for such disasters. During the Moon square Uranus, you are unconsciously trying to destroy everything you have built.

There's nothing wonderful about this at all, and you know it. You're not trying to be a rebel, because you don't feel the need to rebel. But you feel the need to destroy, and since you don't like hurting people, you are likely to direct this destructive energy toward yourself and your creations. Sometimes, you feel as if everything you create is just garbage, but you know that is far from the truth. This is how the Uranus Moon square distorts the truth for you, Capricorn.

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You know you'll get yourself out of this mess sooner or later, because control is your favorite thing, and you'll want to get it back to work as soon as possible. In a way, this day, January 26, 2024, is for indulging your negative qualities, knowing that your stay in this area will not last long. That's why it's an indulgence. It's temporary. You'll knock down some blocks, then pick them back up and start rebuilding. That's just…you.

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3. Aquarius

(January 20 – February 18)

Something is happening during the Uranus square moon on January 26, 2025, and your presence is definitely needed. You are needed, and you feel as if the whole idea of ​​having to be there is something you deeply resent. You don't want to “do” anything; You want to be the owner of your life and actions, and do not want to “do” anything in order to meet the demands of others.

For you, the Moon square Uranus means sticking to your principles and living on your terms. You may end up offending a group of family members on this day, January 26, 2024, but that is only because they cannot handle your “true personality”. You are not their toy, and you have other plans in mind for the day; You will do whatever you want and let them call you the family rebel. Why not? It's a nice enough label.

However, you will be the one who says no on this day, because you really want to declare now and forever that you do what you want when you want. You're not there to cater to other people's whims or demands, and if that makes you the unpopular person, you're happy to let them put whatever label they want on you. You have your own life to live, and on January 26, 2024, during the Uranus square, you'll show them all that you're very serious about this.

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