3 Zodiac Signs Steer Away From Drama on December 13, 2023

he is back! Mercury is retrograde again, in town, and who’s excited about this infamous transit and all it brings with it? Yes guys, it’s here again and on December 13, 2023, we’ll welcome our old friend, Mercury into its retrograde. Day one immediately brings challenges, and honestly did we expect anything else to happen?

While Mercury retrograde affects everyone, there are definitely three zodiac signs that take the first day as a sign to step back, stay home, do nothing, and definitely stay away from social media. Yes, that’s specific. Although there is no astrological transit that actually represents technology and social media, if there is a transit that can come close, it is Mercury in retrograde, and it always comes with a warning.

We would seriously be better off not engaging in chair wars on this day, which means not getting on your computer and going out to prove that you’re the most virtuous of them all. You will be discouraged.

Today, there are no victories on social media. Stay away from Tiktok University and try, especially if you are one of these three zodiac signs, not to try to “anonymously” belittle others. It won’t work.

The three zodiac signs with approximate zodiac signs for November 13, 2023:

1. Virgo

(August 23 – September 22)

You have a tendency to do a lot of virtue signaling, and even though you think you’re getting away with it, your online presence is starting to look like a masterpiece of ‘look at me, aren’t I the best thing since ‘sliced ​​bread?’ You’re really trying your best to show the world that you’re a superior being, and frankly, it’s obnoxious and makes you seem nervous. Apparently, you’re the only one who doesn’t see it that way.

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One of the reasons you’ve gotten away with signing your compliments for so long is that you’re also scaring people and letting them know that if they dare too much to challenge you, you’ll cut their heads off, verbally, or rather. , in written words. This is where Mercury puts you in retrograde; Today, December 13, 2023, there is someone “out there” who finds you particularly obnoxious, and will challenge you.

That’s how the “stay off social media” warning works, Virgo. Don’t deal with people online today, there are people who are much scarier than you, and if you participate in an online war you think you will win; Think again. Humiliation awaits, all of which can be avoided by staying humble and avoiding the temptation of having to be right all the time.

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