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2K customer data stolen and sold online after support desk scam


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back in september, 2K suffered a data breach when hackers somehow gained access to the company’s support desk, thus impersonating official channels in order to obtain people’s data. At the time, the company wasn’t sure what exactly was stolen, but it does now.

Across VGCAn email was finally sent to those affected last week, saying that while there is “no indication that any of your financial information or your password(s) on our systems have been compromised”, the thieves they were Able to obtain “certain personal data that was logged about you when you contacted us for support, including your email address, helpdesk ID number, player tag, and console details.”

This data was later put up for sale online, so 2K urges everyone who receives an October 6 email from them to do the standard things like reset passwords and monitor their accounts for any suspicious activity. Incredibly, though, 2K messaging too It contains the following assertion:

Should I trust emails from 2K?

Yes, our emails are secure again. However, we still recommend staying vigil about online communications across all platforms.

This did not help with this hack! This wasn’t a case of hackers impersonating a 2K support desk, they actually got his keys and sent malicious links to people from the official email, so “staying alert” wouldn’t be much help!

Anyone who received malicious emails from the account and then clicked on the embedded links has likely been exposed to some malware, which 2K says can mostly be canceled by… restarting your computer.

Based on additional investigation and testing work by our team, we believe that turning the device off and on will provide additional protection from malware.

If you’ve been affected, or just want to read 2K’s response, you can see the full notice over here.

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