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Homesport2023 PFT Week 6 NFL Picks, Florio vs. Sims

2023 PFT Week 6 NFL Picks, Florio vs. Sims


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We weren’t great last week. We weren’t terrible. But we weren’t great.

I was 6-8 years old straight. Sims went 7-7. For this year, I’m 47-31. He is 45-33.

Against the spread, I was particularly bad, in a 4-9-1. Sims went 8-5-1. He has a five-game lead of 36-40-2.

This week we disagree on four matches. I also chose five surprises.

All selections are shown below.

Broncos at Chiefs (-11)

Bosses tend to play with their food. And even if they did tonight, they would still have to cover the spread.

Florio: Chiefs, 34-20.

Sims: Chiefs, 27-23.

Ravens (-4.5) at Titans

Which Titans team will appear in London? Something that should at least stay within the spread is our guess.

Florio: Ravens 24-21.

Sims: Ravens, 21-17.

Leaders in Falcons (-2.5)

The extra time and added urgency may prompt defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio to dust off the game plan for the kind of dusting his team needs.

Florio: Leaders, 20-23.

Sims: Falcons, 24-20.

Vikings (-2.5) at Bears

The loser is finished. It’s also possible that the winner will come out in the end.

Florio: Vikings, 30-20.

Sims: Vikings, 28-27.

Seahawks at Bengals (-3)

Seattle is 16-4 in the Eastern Conference since 2018. Make that 17-4.

Florio: Seahawks, 27-21.

Sims: Seahawks, 34-31.

49ers (-7) at Brown

The 49ers are a juggernaut. The Browns are still somewhat of a wild card.

Florio: 49ers, 24-14.

Sims: 49ers, 21-13.

Saints (-1) at Texas

New Orleans’ defense may have enough film to slow down C.J. Stroud. New Orleans’ offense is good enough to move against Houston’s not-so-great defense.

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Florio: Saints, 24-22.

Sims: Saints, 17-24.

Colts at Jaguars (-4)

Gardner Minshew returns! Jonathan Taylor should get more work, and the Jags will likely struggle a little to adjust after two straight games in London.

Florio: Colts, 24-27.

Sims: Jaguars, 30-20.

Panthers and Dolphins (-13.5)

This can get ugly.

Florio: Dolphins, 41-13.

Sims: Dolphins, 38-20.

Patriots at Raiders (-3)

At this rate, Bill Belichick may not survive the end of the season.

Florio: Rider, 21-17.

The Sims: Raiders, 20-16.

Cardinals at Rams (-7)

The Cardinals are better than anyone expected. As are the Rams.

Florio: Rams, 28-24.

Sims: Rams, 27-17.

Eagles (-7) at Jets

It’s especially annoying to me. The Eagles have not been dominant, and they could be looking forward to next week’s showdown against the Dolphins. The Jets have a chance to enter the bye on a high note.

Florio: Airplanes, 24-23.

Sims: Eagles, 28-17.

Lions (-3) at Buccaneers

The Bucs feel disrespected. Creams can help them finally make strangers believe them.

Florio: Pirates, 24-23.

Sims: Black 30-20.

Giants at Bills (-14)

Perhaps Tyrod Taylor is hoping for an unexpected encounter with Dr. Needle.

Florio: Bills, 40-21.

Sims: Bills, 28-17.

Cowboys (-2) at Chargers

It’s a perfect game for the Cowboys, who can’t afford to drop below .500.

Florio: Cowboys, 31-21.

Sims: Cowboys, 23-20.

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