The 2018 iPad Pro models could be seen sporting Face ID technology as the primary means of user authentication, reports KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo via MacRumors. That of course is a rumor at best right now though Kuo has usually proved to be spot on when it comes to Apple related predictions.

Kuo, in his report claimed the Face ID feature could be integrated in only the top end iPad Pro flagship model and not all iPad models just yet. That sure will be aimed at maintaining the exclusivity of the facial recognition feature, something that Apple will keep milking until it has the monopoly on it in the market.

Currently, the Cupertino giant happens to be the only manufacturer to offer something as advanced as Face ID for user authentication. No wonder, the Face ID feature also happens to be one of the standout features of the iPhone X and is the only device to have it so. The iPhone 8 line-up launched alongside iPhone X makes do with the tried and tested Touch ID sensor.

That said, the one other factor that Apple will also be wary of is that Face ID is yet to pass the test that perhaps matters most, that of consumers actually liking it. So it is only after the technology comes to be widely adopted and liked by the users that it stands the chance of making it to the next iPhone and iPad models in 2018.

That also happens to be the usual trend at Apple given that that was the way Touch ID got introduced to the iPad line-up after it first made its debut in the iPhone 5s back in 2013. It subsequently got included in the iPad Air 2 launched in 2014. So it shouldn’t be much of a surprise if Face ID follows a similar cue, that of making its iPad debut with the 2018 flagship iPad Pro tablet.

That said, the next iPad Pro might not come with a bezel-less design as the iPhone X does. That is due to the high costs involved in designing such a tablet as it would entail going for a complete design overhaul to come up with a tablet device that is still robust but with a bezels gone.

But before any of that comes to focus, Apple would be keenly watching for user’s reaction to the technology once the iPhone X begins reaching the masses.