Cloudflare announced the launch of According to the company, it will be the Internet’s fastest, privacy-first consumer DNS service. The main aim of the Cloudflare is to build a better internet and with this announcement it takes another step towards that mission.

DNS is said to be the directory of the Internet. This means whenever you will click on a link, send an email, open a mobile app the first thing your device do is to search the address of the domain. There are two DNS networks which are Authoritative and Resolver. Authoritative DNS are present in every domain. Since the launch of Cloudflare in September 2010, Authoritative DNS service runs fast and is widely-used. The resolvers DNS system connects the Internet to the device. These resolvers are automatically set when you get connected to a network. When the device is connected the operator will dictate the DNS resolver to use.

The main problem which arises in DNS service is they are slow and not privacy respecting. The users do not realize that when you are visiting a website which is in the encrypted form it doesn’t keep your DNS resolver from identifying the sites that you visit and it keeps tracks of all the sites that you have visited. The privacy concerns are extended far from beyond just ad targeting. Project Galileo which is operated by Cloudflare protect the politically or artistically organizations around the world from cyber attack without any cost. The project protects the groups like LGBTQ organizations that are targeted in the Middle East, political corruption in Africa, human rights workers in Asia and bloggers covering the conflict in Crimea. It is depressing to know that the DNS can be used as a tool of censorship against the groups that they protect.

This struck the insecurity of the DNS infrastructure at Cloudflare as a bug is at the core of the Internet. They began to test and found that a resolver which is running across the global network has outperformed the other consumer DNS services that are available. Cloudflare runs the largest and most interconnected global networks and these results have encouraged them in a great way. They start to ask bowser manufactures about the things they want from them and one word is common which is Privacy. The manufacturers want to make sure that the DNS resolver will wipe all transaction logs within a week.

Cloudflare reached out to the team at APNIC which is a Regional Internet Registry or RIR which is responsible for handing out IPs in the Asia Pacific region. From the five IP allocation, RIR is one which manages in this region and the other are ARIN in North America, RIPE in Europe or the Middle East, AFRINIC in Africa and LATNIC in South America. This group held the IP addresses of and these addresses were valid so that the people can enter into them from various systems and can flood by garbage traffic.  The launch of this service is expected to be on April 1, 2018, as the name as 4 Is, so it seems that April 1st is the date.